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Why A Bean Bag?

Traditionally bean bags have been for the kids but why should they get all the fun? Whether you want a 7 foot long bean bag for lying down on, a bean bag shaped like a chair for a cheeky beer or just a traditional bean bag to lounge out on bean bags offer the full solution! Not only are Bean Bags great for general sitting, sleeping, comfort they also have other great productive uses. If you have young kids, they are great for using as a support to sit or lie in when you’re close to the ground, this is also great when you’re playing a game of monopoly or cards – but you may not want to get up afterwards.

What Type Of Bean Bag Should I get?

There are many types of Bean Bags they all come in unique and different shapes and sizes. We've covered all the important ones here. Adult Bean Bags, Kids Bean Bags, Memory Foam Bean Bags & Bean Bag Beds

Why an Adult bean Bag?

They’re comfortable – once you sit down in one you won’t ever want to sit in anything else again - forget the traditional chairs! The thousands of beans inside the bag mean when you sit down on one they’ll always mold to your body shape. You can even get different kinds of filling to get something that suits you.

They’re Portable! Take your bean bag from room to room, is there something in the way of the T.V? Just move your seat with you – want a seat in your bedroom? Take the bean bag with you! I personally use mine in my room to watch films while the kids play on the Xbox in the lounge.

Why a Kids Bean Bag?

Bean bags are great for kids, they’re versatile, easy to move, comfortable & fun to play with. Some of my best childhood memories come from being on a bean bag as a kid, whether it was my Dad reading me stories as I fell asleep or flinging them across the room at my brother, I however don’t recommend this although it is a lot of fun!

When buying a bean bag for kids a few things are important, one; that its water resistant they will spill stuff on it unfortunately you can’t do anything about that! Two; that it’s versatile the last thing you want is a cheap bean bag exploding and your living room looking like it’s had snow in it. Three; It’s comfortable! The kids will use this all the time so do them a favour and get something that they love to sit in, it’s great for gaming or t.v. session and lounging around outside on. The filling inside is very important as well, check out an article we wrote about choosing the right filling for your bean bag.

Perhaps most importantly is finding a bean bag that suits your kid! We all know kids love to express their individuality so it’s not enough to just buy them a bean bag you need to buy the right shape – do they want a gaming bean bag, a bed bean bag, a flat bean bag? Do they want a blue one, pink one, yellow one, green one?! It can get all very confusing luckily we’ve covered all the option over in our reviews section so feel free to pop over and have a look at it!

Why a Gamer Bean Bag?

As an Avid Gamer myself I’m not sure how I lived before getting a bean bag to play on. With the release of fallout 4 I think my personal gaming bean bag will have my shape permanently indented into it, it’s definitely the best investment I made this year.

Why get a Gaming bean bag over a Traditional Chair?

For me it was a personal choice, not only are they more comfortable but they also left me with a lot less back pain after long gaming sessions. I love being able to adjust where my chair is just by pulling it lazily behind me closer or further away from the TV depending on the game and the lighting, you’ll find I play games like the Witcher a lot further away from the TV than I do with Forza and a gaming bean bag offers me that versatility.

Bean Bag Beds

Bean Bag beds are my absolute favourite things in the world! Whether you put it in your lounge, dining room, bedroom you will never want to get out of it once you’ve put your head down on it. I personally like to drag it out on the porch and lie in the sun while reading a book, or to lie down and watch a film in the living room. The amount of times I’ve fallen asleep on this over the last few months is incredible the best part is the way the beads morph to your body shape you never wake up with a sore back it’s fantastic! Why Get A Bean Bag Bed? Well get ready for a long post because I am trying to think of a negative side to these. Do you like to read your books outside in the sun? Do you like to lie down and read them inside? With a bean bag bed they’re water resistant and portable, just grab it and take it outside, or move it to the lounge wherever you want to read you can! Are you a gamer? Why not lounge out on a beanbag bed while you play on the Xbox for the ultimate comfort experience. Due to the fabric on them you won’t have to worry about spilling your drink in those intense games as it will wash straight off, in fact the only thing you have to worry about is you might fall asleep while playing because they are just that comfortable.

What To Look For?

The most important thing is that it's the right size for you! Get one where you can sprawl yourself across is at every angle. You'll want to find one with comfortable filling, we've written a few articles on what to look for when filling your bean bag so check them out! Where To Look? Check out our reviews here at Bean Bag Buzz!

Looking for the best Bean Bags for all Members of the family? We test all the Bean Bags we review and help you choose the right one.